The Challenges We Face: A New Generation of Gospel Ministers Looks to the Future

What issues will be facing the church of tomorrow ? What should they be looking for?

One of the better minds of Christianity of this present age looks at this …


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When asked about my hope for the future of the church, I point immediately to the corps of young ministers now entering and preparing for ministry. One of the great counter-intuitive developments of our times is the rise of a generation of young ministers who are committed to the faith “once for all delivered to the saints,” and who are eager to run the race to Christ’s glory.

What challenges lie ahead? The race this new generation is called to run will include several unavoidable challenges that will demand the highest level of biblical fidelity and theological courage, matched to keen cultural sensitivity and a deep love for human beings caught in the maelstrom of late modernity.

The Question of Truth

Amidst the debris of postmodernism (a movement that has basically run its course) stands a great ambivalence about the nature of truth. The great intellectual transformation of recent decades produced a generation that is not hostile to all claims of truth, but is highly selective about what kinds of truth it is willing to receive.

The current intellectual climate accepts truth as being true in some objective sense only when dealing with claims of truth that come from disciplines like math or science. They accept objective truth when it comes to gravity or physiology, but not when it comes to morality or meaning.

One result of this is that we can often be heard as meaning less than we intend. When we present the gospel, it can easily be heard as a matter of our own personal reality that is, in the end, free from any claim upon others. In other cases, this generation will confront an open denial that any truth can actually be known, except by means of empirical science or similar sources of knowledge.

Beyond this, our truth claims are claims of revealed truth. The modern mind is shocked to incredulity when we make clear that we claim knowledge revealed to us in written form by supernatural revelation.

In other words, this generation will face the continual challenge of making clear that the gospel is not merely interesting, not merely meaningful, but true.

The Bible is Truth.Many today in defining truth think that it is  according to our opinions  thats what makes truth… we  see more and more of this type  thinking today. It is a product of our new humanistic way of thinking and being taught in universities across the USA

Aagin in  the same article we read:

The Binding Authority of Biblical Sexuality

Perhaps the most heated issues of our time are connected to the radical transformation of human sexual ethics and behavior that marks the modern age. The accelerated pace of moral transformation in the realm of sexual ethics is unprecedented, with personal autonomy deployed to subvert the received morality.

This presents gospel ministers with an excruciatingly difficult set of challenges. Many people fully accept that they have the sole right to define themselves in terms of gender, sexual identity, and sexual behavior. Many Americans, caught in the cultural revolutions of our time, hear any refusal to condone their chosen sexual identity or behavior as oppression, intolerance, or hatred.

The church, like the Bible, is not primarily concerned with human sexual behavior. Our main concern is to seek the glory of God in all things, and to bear witness to the saving power of Christ’s gospel. But the Bible makes clear that God’s glory is inherently connected to our sexual behavior and our identity before the Creator. Furthermore, the gospel requires a clear understanding of human sinfulness, including, very specifically, sexual sins.

One thing is clear – the church has to learn how to speak honestly and courageously about sexual morality, but also to speak with true gospel humility. In other words, we must make clear that we are not moral superiors speaking to moral inferiors, but those who have been redeemed by God’s grace pointing others to his grace to us in Christ.

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