Scottish Covenanters

I enjoy reading about those men of old, those whose faith makes ours seem very very pale in comparision to.When things get so we think we are in dire striats then we need to look back at what those before us faced.I have found that we most of the time, walk away unscathed ,they did not.Great website and needs to be visited by all christians.

Between 1638 and 1688 Scotland was in an almost constant state of civil unrest because many people refused to accept the Royal decree that the king was head of the church. When those who refused signed a Covenant, which stated that only Jesus Christ could command such a position, they were effectively signing their own death warrants. And so began one of the bloodiest periods of Scottish history, the Killing Times.

These were the most horrific and atrocious times ever inflicted on the people of Scotland. The Covenanters were now flushed out and hunted down as never before and the common soldier was empowered to take life at will of any suspect without trial of law. Usually it was done without any evidence and often as the result of the suspicions of an over-zealous town official or Minister. Brutality in these days defied the imagination and the persecution had no mercy on man, woman or child, irrespective of circumstances. Any class of Covenanter once caught by the King’s troops was shot or murdered on the spot.

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Scottish Covenanters

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