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Should we not test the spirit of a new or unknown teacher/preacher?What if we have been assuming the one we listen to, teaching the bible an d then is suddenly found to be teaching or offering strange fire on the altar?

Should we not be a watchman on the wall…

This is not a slam or personal attack on anyone,but is a warning to those who are weak in the faith,those who do not realise the true teaching of the bible, for lack of ____ whatever it maybe .If you are following her then know this about what she thinks of the salvation of Christ
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  1. admin
    February 10, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    I am not against Joyce Meyers because she is a women.I would be against her if she was a man, the most popular nicest well thought of man to grace this period of time … but because she stands in error of the Word of God and teachs others to do like wise. I am sure this is well meaning but that can be dangerous and even damming when it comes to God and Eternal Judgement.

    We should be praying for Joyce Meyers and the men and women that she influences…

    Truth in the hands of the unskilled (all need to “study to show yourself approved to GOD”) , can become a weapon instead of life giving fountain. Do you honor the truth of The Word of God or do you bow to mans reasoning and opinions?
    Do you base your life on the American dream of having so much that you cannot keep it all in a simple house, “you must have bigger barns to store your goods” all the while your neighbor is without and struggling to keep themselves feed ? Just how much must one have to reach that place of satisfaction ? If more is better than what do you say of Christ himself that did not have a even a place to lay His head? Was He lacking in having enough faith as the word of faith movement states is the cause why you have not? No thats all mumbo jumbo talk. So again Do you base your life upon what someone else has told you?


    Do you base you life upon His Word which shows His life style? (Oh how I want to see Him formed in others and myself to show forth Christ, His glory not mine) Do you base it upon His Unchanging Truths which changes you, not your circumstances. We all think that having more is the answer and it is not, that is one of the American Dream lies spun by the devil .
    Please consider these things. Which is it?

    We should be broken hearted over the fact of most The Church USA is so ignorant of The Lords Word and is desiring teachers that will tickle their ears, that will tell them what they want to hear.We are hear because of the lack of knowing what His word says.

    Perhaps God will lead her to the place of repentance, as new life or restoration back to the truth of the word needs to take place. Pray please pray for her

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