Gods Grace

Grace,Gods Grace,Grace that is greater than all my sins.

While discussing sin ,how that well all are sinful and nobody is above anyone else.Take the worst criminal you can think of and theres no differance in you and him…except Grace.

My pastor is a retired state trooper,when taking a couple of rouge to jail ,the thought came to him that there was no differance between himself and those to “vile men”…ececpt God one day for reasons know only to God call out and saved him,except for that theres no differance between any of us we are all sinners,and need a Saviour,no big sinners and little tiny sinners,but all have sinned and come short…

Christ is the redeemer for all of mankind.
He died in your place and for your sins He was punished,even whiule you were/are His enemny He did this for you as He loves you.

He took sin away and now all that is left is will you accept what He has alr4ady done for you,or will you turn Him away?

Thoise in hell are there not because of sins,but because they reject The Very Christ that was sent to suffered and die your death,

Rejectors are in hell,not sinners.

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