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Author: Curtis Rook

On January 3, 2006, I performed the following searches on and received the respective results:
Christian Testimonies – 2,360,000
Muslim Testimonies – 483,000
Buddhist Testimonies – 104,000
Hindu Testimonies – 113,000
JewishTestimonies – 614,000
Atheist Testimonies – 90,800

There were more Christian Testimonies than the other religions combined and many of the testimonies in the religious categories other than Christian were actually testimonies of people who had converted from those religions to Christianity. Many of the results for the Christian Testimonies search were collections of testimonies. There are tens of millions of Christian testimonies on the Internet, but, at best, tens of thousands of testimonies from other religions. Why this disparity? What is it about Christianity that inspires such an outpouring of testimonies?

In the Bible, in the book of John, chapter 3, verse 3, Jesus is quoted as saying, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Being born again is an experience, an event. It is a supernatural occurrence in one’s life that transforms them from nonbeliever to believer.

In the book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 38, Peter tells the crowd, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” One aspect of Christianity that is incomprehensible to a nonbeliever is the fact that when a person comes to believe in Jesus Christ and accepts Him as their Lord and Savior, that person is filled with the Spirit of God. A personal relationship is established between the new believer and God.

The experience of discovering the reality of God and His love expressed through Jesus Christ is dynamic. It is an explosion of soul and spirit that completely changes the way the new believer perceives himself and the world around him. This change, this new reality within, is so powerful that the new believer wants very much to share with others what has happened. This life changing experience awaits everyone. – “For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Seek after God with all your heart, mind, and soul; then let the world know what remarkable things He has done in you.

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For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened. (ESV)

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  1. AZALI
    November 30, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Azali is from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He was an ardent follower of Mohammed until the results of a challenge he laid out before some Christian students. Please read this powerful testimony of how this man was converted to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!

    And He said unto them: “Go into the world, and preach the gospel to every Creature.” ()

    When I was 14 years old I was studying in a convent school at Saddar Karachi Pakistan. I belonged to a Muslim family. My parents forced me to learn the Qur’an by heart when I was seven and so I did. I had a lot of Christian fellows (or acquaintances) at school.

    I was surprised to see them studying while I always found Christians of low profile in the society. I discussed and argued a lot with them about the accuracy of Qur’an and rejection of Bible by Allah in Holy Qur’an. I always forced them to accept Islam. Often my Christian teacher told me not to do so. He said, “God may choose you as he chose the Apostle Paul.” I asked them who is Paul, I know Muhammad only.

    One day during our discussion I challenged them to burn the Holy Books of each other. They should burn the Qur’an and I should do the same with the Bible. We agreed: “The book which would burn, would be false. The book, which would not burn, has the Truth in it. God Himself would save His Word.” Unfortunately they were not ready to do this because they were frightened. Living in an Islamic Country and doing such a thing could lead them to face the law and meet its consequences. I told them I could do this by myself.

    First I set the Qur’an on fire and it got burnt before our eyes. Then I tried to do the same with the Bible. As soon as I tried it, the Bible struck my chest and I fell on the ground. There was smoke all around my body. I was burning, but from a spiritual fire.
    Suddenly I saw a man with golden hair, wrapped in light on my side. He placed his hand on my head and said to me “You are my son and from now on you will preach the Gospel in your nation. Go! Your Lord is with you.”

    Then I saw the stone on the grave, which was removed. Mariam Magdalene spoke to the gardener who probably took the body of my Lord. The gardener was Jesus Himself. He kissed the hand of Mariam and I woke up. I felt very strong as if when someone would strike me, I could not be hurt.

    I went home and I told my parents about all what happened. But they did not believe it. They thought that the Christians got me under magic, but I told them that all this happened before my very own eyes and that many people were watching this. They still did not believe and they turned me out of my home and refused to accept me as their family member.
    I went to a Church close to my home; I told the Father there all about what happened. I asked him to show me the Bible. He gave me one and I read about the event of Mariam Magdalene and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior on 02-17-85.

    My Family refused to accept me. I went to various churches and got more knowledge about the Word of God. I also followed many Bible Courses and then I got a ministry.
    Now after 20 years, I have seen many people come to the Lord and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Thanks to the Lord, I am now married and have a Christian family. Me and my wife Khadija are involved in the work of the Lord and able to share the miracles God has been doing in our lives.

    Even though it is not easy and we face many hardships, we feel like Paul who went through hardships and suffering for the Glory of His Savior, who went Himself through suffering during His walk on earth and on the cross. We thank God the Father for sending His Son to this earth and giving us free life through Him.

    We thank God for His Spirit who encourages us day by day to live for Him.

    E-mail : azali.pakistan @

  2. Gill
    April 18, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    April 18, 2002

    January 3rd and April 18th will always be very special days in my life. As the reader of this letter, I must let you know that it is by the grace of God that I may be able to share this testimony with you.

    My story begins on May 9th 1996. I was arrested and booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on Marijuana possession charges. Though, the events which lead up to this are relevant, it is not the focus of this story. Let’s just say, what the Officers did was unethical and I should not have been arrested.

    After being arrested, I called my mom and asked her to call her friend (The bails bondsman) and ask her to come down to the Santa Clara County jail and bail me out.

    Well, in those days I was very arrogant and cocky. The thought of me actually being arrested and booked was ridiculous. I figured that I would just bail out and that would be that. I sat arrogantly in the holding tank expecting to be bailed out at any moment (It didn’t happen).

    What I did not know was that because of a crime which happened 20 years earlier in my youth, I was now a three strikes candidate.

    While I waited to be bailed out, one of the CO’s (Correctional officers) told me that I didn’t make bail and would have to go upstairs to a cell. I was sure he was mistaken. I sat on my bunk all night thinking that “At any moment I would be bailed out” (No such luck).

    When morning came, I called my mother to find out why bail had not been posted for me. My Mom told me that her friend (the bails bondsman) had went down to the Santa Clara County Jail and was informed that bail for me was being denied by the night duty judge, who insisted that I appear in arraignment court before bail would be set.

    This infuriated me. I called my high powered lawyer and told him that I was being denied bail and asked him how much would it cost for him to come to arraignment court and negotiate my bail.

    My Lawyer said, “The reason that you are probably being denied bail is because they want to make it high. It will probably be about One Hundred thousand Dollars. You can afford that, right?”

    I said “yes I can, but I have a very bad feeling about this. I said I would feel more comfortable if you were in court with me, even if it is only for a five minute appearance.”

    My lawyer told me that he would charge me $2,500.00 for the appearance.

    When I arrived into the courtroom, to my dismay, I was informed that I had three strikes. I asked my lawyer was this true and he looked very sad and nodded his head yes.

    At that time I was informed that my bail was five hundred thousand dollars. I remember that day very well, my legs were like a wet noodle, I found it very difficult to walk back to my cell.

    I always considered myself to be a very tough guy, but I am not ashamed to tell you that I cried like a baby all the way up to my cell.

    When I went into my cell, I was very distraught. I saw a Bible laying on the table in my cell and I picked it up (It was the New Testament) and I read it.

    After reading it, I became very religious. This is an important statement, because there is a difference in being religious and really trusting God, as I found out.

    After reading the New Testament, I began begging God to get me out of jail and pleading with him, making all sorts of promises. I told God that if he got me out of jail, I would make sure that all of my friends and nephews went to church and foolishly continued to promise this and that.

    God listened to my pleas and by his grace and his grace only, I made bail. So that you who read this, truly understand that it was only by God’s grace that I made bail, because during that time there were over 300 three strikers in Santa Clara County, all facing life and I and one other person were the only ones who had managed to get out on bail and they (The District Attorney’s office) were furious.

    Shortly after my release I heard that the other person was taken back into custody and the rules had been changed, so that all three strikers in Santa Clara County were no longer granted bail.

    Now, I was the only three-striker who was out on bail and the pressure was on by the District Attorney to try to get me back into custody.

    As mentioned before, I had made all sorts of promises to God prior to my release, but somehow, now that I was free, those promises were now replaced with my need to make people think of how great a person I was and I wanted them to remember me.

    I bought my nephew a new car, because I wanted him to remember his great uncle. I bought my adopted daughter in law a new van, because I wanted her to remember how great a person I was. I helped a few people get into I.T.T. technical institute, because I wanted them to go to school and remember how great a person I was. I helped other nephews get great jobs, because I wanted them to remember how great their uncle was.

    I wanted to leave a legacy of what a good person I was, so that when I was eventually sentenced to life, everyone would remember me. I was so consumed in doing this that I paid very little attention to my case and the amount of money that I was spending on my own legacy.

    In the end, the District attorney got his way and through certain events, I was re-arrested in Sacramento and brought back down to Santa Clara County to face charges.

    Within weeks of me being brought back into the county jail, my nephew’s car was stolen and totaled in a crash. My adopted daughter-in-law drove the wrong way on a one way street and her van was totaled, my other nephew lost his job, because of fighting and everyone else dropped out of I.T.T (Coincidence? I think not).

    I was devastated. Not only was I going to loose my freedom forever, because of three strikes, everything that I had built up for my self as my legacy, a testimony to myself had been totally destroyed.

    I sat in my cell feeling totally defeated. I saw the Bible lying on my cell mate’s table and I picked it up and begin to read it from the very beginning. There was a difference this time. I read it because I wanted to and did not expect God to save me. I had accepted the fact that I was going to get 25 to life.

    A short time after I began reading the bible I began realizing what a disgusting person I had been all of my life. The words in the Bible, (Gods words) convicted me so badly that I threw myself on the ground and confessed my sins to God and asked him to let Christ come into my life.

    During the same week that I dedicated my life to following Christ, my Attorney (Susan Shores) came to see me. She told me that I would not get 25 to life. That she knew a judge who would not give me a life sentence for having marijuana.

    I could not believe it. There was hope for me?

    Well, I kept on studying the Bible, started attending Bible studies, and even started a Bible studies in my dorm which consisted of 15 other three strikers, who were all facing life sentences, but because they also trusted God, they are all now home with their families (But that’s another story).

    My prayer during this time was to ask God to bless my attorney with wisdom. I am mentioning this, because when you pray to God, you better be careful of what you ask, because you just might get it.

    Eleven months into my case, my Attorney (Susan Shores) came to see me and informed me that she could no longer defend me. That she had defended too many three strikers and now it was affecting her emotionally and physically.

    I told her that I needed her and that without her; I would more than likely get a life sentence. Susan told me that her Doctor had informed her that she had been internalizing all of the stress that is involved with defending three strikers. If she did not take time off, it would affect her health.

    She apologized and told me that I would have a new attorney (Louella Tsai).

    At my first meeting with my new Attorney Louella Tsai, she told me right out that I was going to get life. She said that we are going to file a 1538.5 Suppression motion, but it will not work, because no judge in Santa Clara County would grant it, because for a judge to grant it, he or she would have to admit that the officers were lying. She said that no judge in Santa Clara County would ever admit that any Officer would lie.

    The motion was filed and the judge heard testimony in the case. After the hearing, the judge stated that she would send us a written response within a week.

    One week passed and I called my attorney to see if she had received any response from the judge. My Attorney told me that “We cannot win this case. The judge is going to rule against us.”

    Later that week, I had spoken to some Christian brothers who were housed in the dorm with me. They told me that the Holy Spirit had told them to tell me something about my case. This made me get really upset. I was sick and tired of Christian brothers always saying that they had a message for me from the Holy Spirit, who for some reason only talked with them and no one else. Why was that? How come I never heard the Holy Spirit talk to me? What was so different about me?

    That night when I locked down in my cell, I called out to God. In a loud voice I said “God, I am sick and tired of people saying that the Holy Spirit spoke to them about me, what makes them so special that they can hear the Holy Spirit and I cannot. I want to hear your voice God, me, personally. Please speak to me so that I can hear you for myself.”

    I waited all night, just to hear God’s voice. I even got a little scared, because I wondered if he spoke to me, would I be able to deal with it. Would it scare me?

    I stayed up the entire night and there was no voice to be heard from God. The funny part about it was that I was sort of relieved.

    I sat on my bunk and picked up my Bible to read a few versus and the strangest thing happened. The words in the Bible were speaking to me. No matter what page I turned to, God was speaking to me. Right then and there, he was answering all of my questions in a voice that I could understand and a voice I did not fear. I knew right then and there beyond a doubt that God is alive and he is real, REAL!!!

    I fed on every word that was being given to me and I walked out of my cell with confidence and though I had been up all night, I was not tired. I had no fear about what was ahead of me.

    I called my Attorney later in the week, just to hear from her that the Judge still had not made a decision and that I should not depend on her ruling in my favor, because it just wouldn’t happen.

    I told my Attorney that I had faith and my Attorney responded, “You’re the only one.”

    In the fourth week, I called my Attorney and she said, “I don’t believe it. The judge granted the motion in your favor and the case was dismissed.”

    It didn’t end there. The District Attorney re-filed against me and I had to fight the case again from the beginning. During this time I had been incarcerated in the Santa Clara County Jail at Elmwood for approximately eighteen months.

    By the time my attorney was ready to file another 1538.5 Suppression motion, twelve months had passed bringing the total amount of time of my incarceration up to thirty months.

    Because so much time had passed, witnesses for my case had began to move on with their lives and were hard to find and were just tired of coming to court.

    It had become almost impossible to find some of my key witnesses, so, I just explained to God that I did not want to involve witnesses in my case any longer. I would just go into court with him, and whatever he decided, I would trust.

    I don’t have to tell you that my attorneys (God blessed me with two at that time) were very upset with my decision. They told me that it was hard enough to win the case when it was me and my nephew’s testimony against two police officers, but now, I was going to be the only witness in my defense against the testimony of three police officers.

    They (my attorneys) did not understand that everything was in God’s hands and all I asked of God was for the truth to be known.

    The 1538.5 Suppression hearing which was only suppose to only take 3 hours began in May 1999 and ended in November 1999.

    Now all was left was for the judge to submit her ruling in writing to everyone.

    The weeks went by and during this time something very interesting happened.

    I had developed a very bad problem with my knee. It had been swollen for three month and the swelling would not go down. As a result, I could not bend my leg at the knee and had to keep it straight at all times.

    This was also very difficult for me, because walking was hard enough, but I also lived on the upper level of the dorm and had to use the hand-rail to walk slowly up and down the stairs.

    Even when I prayed in my cell each morning and evening I could only bend one leg and the other I had to keep straight (this was very awkward, but after three months I had gotten use to it).

    I spoke with my mother on the telephone and she begged me to go and see the jail doctor. She said that she feared that I could have a blood clot in my knee and that it would become loose and go to my heart and kill me.

    My fear was that if I went to the Doctor, he would tell me that I would need surgery and that would mean that I would be sent out to Valley Medical Center.

    You are probably wondering why I thought that would be bad. Well, anyone who is sent to Valley Medical Center is rolled up and moved downtown to the main Jail, Which is a very dirty and disgusting place.

    I had lived in M5, at Elmwood, which is located in Milpitas California for 34 months and my cell had become my home away from home. I had spent many of hours praying and talking with God there. I also had developed several friendships with other Christian brothers who were also facing what I was facing. Now don’t get me wrong, I would never want to spend the rest of my life in that cell, but if I had to be in Jail in Santa Clara County, that is where I would want to be.

    After much pleading from my mother, I decided to go and see the jail doctor. He examined my leg and told me that there was a definite problem. He said that I would have to go to Valley Medical Center to have it drained.

    I plead with him and asked him if he could just drain it in his office. He told me no. It had to be done at the hospital.

    He told me that he would schedule an appointment for me to see the Orthopedics surgeon, who would X-ray my knee and schedule me for transfer to Valley medical center for surgery.

    Man, I felt distraught. I returned to my dorm and to my cell. I told one of my friends that I would be transferred to Valley Medical Center. I asked him to help me roll up all of my property in my cell so when the officers came to get my property, that it will all be in order.

    Within minutes of me telling a few people that I would be transferred, inmates in my dorm went to the Dorm Officer to ask if they could get my job as lead Dorm trustee.

    For those of you who have never been in custody before a trustee is a job which is assigned to an inmate worker. In M5, a trustee is responsible for making sure that the Dorm is cleaned, passes out food during all of the meals, distributing out laundry and any other related duties.

    The benefits are that you are able to get extra food, extra clothing, extra bedding, and extra television time and are not locked down as often as the general population.

    This had been my job for at least two and a half years of my incarceration.

    As I sat in my cell and continued to pack up all of my property, I felt very distraught. A thought came to my mind, something that I thought I would never consider, because I did not believe in it.

    I considered asking God to heal my knee. Now I know that you are probably wondering, how could I, believe in God, not believe in the healing process.

    I do believe in God, but I believed that only the Apostles had the power to heal and that it was not in our ability in today’s society. I have seen too many people putting their hands on people to try and heal them and nothing happened. So, I believed what I did.

    Now here I was in my cell not wanting to be transferred, but who else could I turn to. I got on my knees (knee, because I had to keep one leg straight). I felt really embarrassed about this.

    I put my right hand on my right knee and prayed sincerely. I asked God if he could please heal my knee. I told him the truth and why, even though I already knew that he knows everything and I asked this in Jesus name. (This was around 4:30am)

    Later on that evening, (Around 7:00pm) I was taken out to see the orthopedic surgeon (which is located in the Elmwood complex across the road from my dorm).

    The doctor examined my knee and compared it to the chart that the other doctor had taken the day before.

    He said this is strange. The swelling in your knee seems to be smaller than yesterday.
    I did not give it much thought, because I still knew that I would be transferred to Valley Medical center.

    He took an X-ray and said this is very strange. He said, I want to wait a couple of days and see you again. And then I will schedule you to go out for surgery.

    I returned to my dorm and did not think much of it. I had forgotten about my prayer to God.

    The next day, I was walking up to my cell when I reached the top of the stairs; I realized that I did not hold onto the rail. I had walked up without holding onto the rail and did not even notice it.

    I couldn’t believe it. I went down the stairs without holding onto the rail and walked back up again without holding onto the rail. Then it dawned on me, I HAD BEEN HEALED BY THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD!!!!

    I kept it a secret from everyone until later that evening, because we had a prayer circle at the end of each day, where everyone (Inmates in my dorm) would get together and pray together. At that time, I showed everyone my knee and showed them that I could bend it and told everyone what had happened.

    I know that this is hard to believe for those of you who read this story, because if you would have told this to me two and a half years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but I was healed and no surgery was ever required.

    There were 64 inmates (Including me) in my dorm. There are now 64 witnesses who will testify to the truth of this. They were all there and they have all seen for them selves.

    Shortly after this miracle, sometime around Christmas, my Attorney informed me that the Judge had again ruled in my favor and on January 3, 2000, by the grace of God, my case in Santa Clara County was dismissed again.

    But the story doesn’t end here:

    Before I continue, I want to take this time to also thank some Christian brothers, free people, who were inspired by God, to come into the County Jail once per week and visit with all of us and teach us God’s word.

    No matter how tired they were from working out there in the free world they would still take the time to come in and share God’s word with us.

    Those fine Christian brothers are:

    Brother Ede Lee
    And Brother Thomas

    A special thanks to brother Ede Lee, because he use to tell me, that I should submit my will to God and ask that God’s will be done. I use to say, that I was afraid of that, because what if God’s will was that I would spend the rest of my life in Prison.

    His response was, “but you would still be free in Christ.”

    Brother Lee, I now understand what you meant.

    Now it’s time to go on. As I mentioned earlier, my case in Santa Clara County was dismissed on January 3, 2000, yet I could not go home, because I still had a case pending in Sacramento County.

    I prayed and fasted and begged God not to let Sacramento County pick me up (Even after all this time, I still had not learned to trust God’s Will), well they came and picked me up alright and when I arrived in Sacramento County, I was informed that I was being charged with possession of marijuana and three strikes. (Oh no! Not again).

    During the process my Attorney sent out an investigator, who interviewed a friend of mine who was there during the arrest. To my amazement, that person confessed to the crime, where most people would think, “Well he’s already in custody for it, why should I confess.”

    But by the Grace of God, he confessed to it. His mother confirmed her son’s confession and a third party (A bounty hunter) also confessed that his partner was lying in regards to this issue.

    Now I had three witnesses in my defense. My lawyer stated that she would submit the investigator’s findings to the District Attorney and ask for a dismissal.

    It should have been cut and dry, but it wasn’t.

    The District Attorney stated that since this was a three strikes case, he wanted his investigator to go out and interview all of the witnesses.

    My Attorney stated that the District Attorney’s investigator not only received the same information that her investigator received, but that all three witnesses signed sworn statements to the fact.

    She said that she is going to ask the District Attorney to dismiss the case.

    Months went by, because the D.A. kept postponing the court date that we needed to ask for a dismissal. He kept saying that he had not had time to research the case and had not had time to personally interview the witnesses.

    My Attorney stated that she was tired of waiting for the District Attorney to dismiss the charges, and that he was being stubborn, because it was a three strike case and they (The Deputy District Attorneys gets a bonus every time they convict someone for a life sentence).

    She said that we will just proceed on to trial and go for the win.

    I was tired. Even though I could win, going to trial would mean that I would be in custody for another three years.

    I asked God for help. I said, Heavenly father, I know that you can win this case, but I am just too tired. Please tell me what you want me to do. They do not offer deals to three strikers, but If I walk into that courtroom tomorrow morning and the D.A. offers me a deal, then I know it came from you, but if it does not happen, then I will know that you want me to take this to trial.

    On April 18, 2000, when I walked into the courtroom my Attorney said that she wanted to have a private conference with me.

    Inside of the interview room she said that The D.A. still wants to pursue this case, even though all of the evidence exonerates you. He (The DA) said that he doesn’t care about the truth, he just wants a conviction.

    She said that he said he is willing to drop all of your strikes if you would be willing to plead to two years and 1 strike.

    I said yes before she could finish the statement. She said wait. Think about this. You can win this case. You are not guilty. But my attorney did not know that God had told me what he wanted me to do.

    So I took the deal and was sentenced to 2 years and one strike. Now because of the 1 strike enhancement, it doubled my sentence, which meant that the 2 years was now a four- year sentence. Nevertheless on April 18, I knew that someday I would be going home.

    I promised the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that from that day forward, on January 3rd and April 18th of every year, I would tell as many people as I could of God’s awesome power and how he came to my rescue when I thought that all hope was gone.

    Now there is one last part to this story:

    During the sentencing portion of my case the Judge gave me good time credits for only 4 months. From January 5, 2000 to April 18, 2000. After which I was remanded into the custody of the California Department of Corrections, to start serving my sentence.

    I was first transferred from Sacramento to DVI (Duel Vocational institute) where I was processed through reception and 2 weeks later I was sent to Susanville, level –III, where I was informed that my release date from prison would be February 28, 2003.

    Six months later, I was brought in for emergency classification, because they realized that they had made a mistake and my points were not level-III, but Level –I and they asked me where I wanted to go. I didn’t know where. A friend of mine had transferred to CMC (California Men’s Colony), so I said send me there I guess. My counselor told me that they will never give you your first choice, so pick somewhere else. I said, I don’t care, you pick, and he said Susanville, level-I.

    A few days later, my counselor called me in and said he didn’t believe it, but the CSR board approved my first request and I am being sent to CMC-West.

    So I arrived at CMC-west. While there, I began going over my court papers, because I could not believe that I only received four months credit from the court. I had been in custody for three and a half years.

    So I called my family and asked them if they would get me a lawyer. My dad did not think that they would give me anymore time off. My brother (Younger) who is a professor at a local University concurred with my dad. My sister, who is a Deputy Sheriff said that she called the Sacramento Sheriffs records department and there had been no mistake.

    My mom was the only one who would at least try (Thank God for mothers).

    During this time I worked in the Unit II program office as an inmate posting clerk. I explained my situation to one of my Co-workers (Joe Martinez) who was a Sergeant’s Clerk. He said that he had been studying to be a Paralegal and he could file the necessary paper work to the court for me.

    Well you know what they say about Jail house lawyers. And I wasn’t too thrilled about this guy possibly messing up my paperwork, but the more he talked, the more I began to realize just how much he knew.

    I thought about it. Had I not learned enough about God yet? Did not God take simple uneducated fishermen and make them some of the most important people in our history?

    So I told Joe yes, go ahead and fill out my legal paperwork. Joe told me that he will help me file a “Writ of habeas Corpus” requesting that the court grant me all of my back time credits. He said that the court will turn it down at the informal level, but not to worry, because they always deny it at first, but then we will file an appeal, in which we should win.

    So we submitted the “Writ of Habeas Corpus” to the court and waited for the denial to come back so that we could file the Appeal.

    One week went by, then two, then three. Joe said that this was unusual, because the denial is usually sent back within the first week.

    I am telling you that we were both really stressing.

    On April 18, 2001, one year later from the date that I was sentenced, I knew that I had to keep my promise to God, so I met together with a few Christian brothers that I had met at CMC-west and I cooked for them and told them the story of how God saved my life and all of the miracles that I had witnessed since January 1997 through my final deliverance on April 18, 2000.

    When we finished eating, I returned to the program office to finish up some work on my desk and to my surprise, I was told by the mailroom officer, that I had legal mail waiting for me.

    He handed me the letter and I was too afraid to open it. I knew it was the denial, but I didn’t want to read it.

    When I opened it, it read that the court found that the “Writ of Habeas Corpus”, which was filed had good cause and the court wanted to know if the District Attorney’s office or CDC could provide any legal reason that it should not be granted.

    One other thing that shocked me and Joe was that the Judge cited a case in my favor on why the “Writ” should be granted.

    Joe and I were ecstatic. We rushed over to the law library to look up the case that the judge had cited on my behalf. In short it was a Supreme Court ruling, which stated that a person must be given all credits from the date of his/her incarceration.

    Shortly afterward the Judge granted the “Writ of habeas Corpus.” Stating that the District Attorney’s office conceded that I should have been given credit from January 1997 through April 18, 2000, instead of only getting credits from January 2000 to April 2000.

    The Judge then issued an order that I be given 1,766 days credits off of my sentence and ordered my immediate release from the California Department of Corrections and that all extra credits be taken off of my parole.


    I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my testimony, and to help me to continue to keep my promise to God.

    It is only by God’s grace that I am here now able to type this testimony on my very own computer, at my very own desk, in my very own office in the company that God has blessed me with.

    Take care and may God’s grace be with you all.


  3. September 21, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Delivered from the Hurt of Abuse and the Scars of Sin
    My Testimony of God’s Amazing Grace
    By: Shelia Holcomb
    Before I begin my testimony I feel it is important to give you some information on my childhood, so you will be better able to understand some of the decisions I made in my life, however good or bad they may have been. But every decision I have made during my lifetime good or bad is what has brought me to where I am now and I am very thankful for the mountains and the valleys.
    When I was born my mother was only fifteen years old and now years later and after I went through the process of forgiving her and working through many things, I am now able to look at her life through her eyes to try to better understand how she must have felt. Someone gave me this advice when I was really struggling with all of this, I was told that maybe I could forgive easier if I try to see her life through her eyes and not the eyes of a hurt child, “you know what?” it worked, I can understand her more clearly now. She was not mature enough to take care of herself much less a baby. So she would send me here and there to whomever would willing to take me at that particular time, most of the time it was my grandmother, several times throughout my life she would decide that she wanted me back and she would come and uproot me again. I never really knew any stability in my life [although my grandmother tried] and I always felt as if no one really loved me or wanted me.
    Then at the age of nine she came and got me and took me away from my grandmother which, really at this point of my life, was the only mother I had ever known and I was very attached to her. Anyway, my mother came and took me to Illinois where she lived, by this time she had remarried and she had two more children by her new husband. He hated me and the only reason I could figure out was simply that I was not his child. Now this was not my fault, although I did blame myself for many years. He started just physically abusing me, but at the age of nine that changed, he raped me and this abuse went on until I was thirteen and I finally told my mother [even though he threatened me that if I ever told anyone he would kill me and my grandmother], she didn’t believe me either, actually no one believed me. Finally I just let it drop and I buried all of those feelings of anger and hate for years, that has now all been dealt with and forgiven and now it is all under the precious blood of Jesus, I have even forgiven him for what he did to me in the Lord’s strength not my own. Praise God! I told my mother that I wanted to go back to Memphis to live with my grandmother and she consented just because she felt I was causing so much trouble and she did not want to be bothered.
    Now my grandmother was now also remarried and I resented him for taking her away from me too. You must remember I was only a child and I felt like she was all I had and now I had lost her too. I was very hateful to him and caused so many problems, he was very kind and loving to me but I just could not accept what he was offering to me. My grandmother finally after a long struggle went to the courts and told the judge that I was out of control and they just could not handle me any longer, so they removed me and placed me in a foster home, the home I went to was wonderful, but at that time I could not see things clearly, all I could see was that the only person who should love me had now turned her back on me as well, I just wanted my grandmother so, I ran away. The courts then really called my bluff, so as a ward of the State of Tennessee I was placed in a Catholic all girls reform school for three and a half years, even our pet Saint Bernard was female LOL. Now as I look back, I can honestly say it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. But at that time all I could see was that I was totally alone, unloved and unwanted in this great big world.
    Now I will jump ahead some. In 1987 I lost my three children to their father [not in the courts he just merely took them and left the state without my knowledge or consent] and I totally lost it. I turned heavily to alcohol and eventually that turned into crack and cocaine. By this time I had lost everything including my dignity as I had turned to prostitution to support my drug habit. I was arrested several times on various charges, but I was never convicted and I never served any time, I know that God was taking care of me even back then in my sin, He saw what I would be one day in Him. I give GOD all the PRAISE, HONOR AND GLORY for all that I am today and all that I will be.
    The drugs and my roaming had taken me too many places but on December 20, 1990 I came across a man that told me about Jesus and how He could deliver me and make my life an example to others. I had not eaten in a couple of days and he asked me if I was hungry, so he took me to a restaurant and bought me something to eat. The entire time he shared about Jesus Christ with me. He told me Christ could and would set me free if I was willing, and how He (Jesus), would give me a new life without all the pain and turmoil I was living in. Of course being a Christian does not eliminate us from pain, trials and tribulation but with Christ in our hearts He will give us the strength to overcome and withstand even in the worst times. I began sharing my life story with this man and he still said Jesus is the answer, and boy was he right. Right there I gave my heart to the Lord and I decided to live for Him and serve Him for the rest of my life.
    I began singing at the age of five, but I had destroyed my voice through drug abuse, I just abused the gifts that God had given me. So I prayed and told the Lord that if He would heal and restore my voice I would use this gift for His glory for the rest of my life. Now, God has done exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ask or think. The songs that I sing and others that I have written they are all His I am only an instrument holding the pen. It does not matter where you are, Christ will come to you and meet you if, you are willing to let your life go and let Him be God of and in your life.
    I have had so many miracles in my Christian life as I am a walking miracle myself. But one of these miracles of a physical healing really stands out to me and I would like to share this with you as well. Around 2001 I was diagnosed with an incurable bowel condition, the doctors were not really sure what it was exactly, but they had come to the conclusion that with ulcers all through my body and many in my bowel system, they said they wanted to do surgery and remove a part of my bowel. My reply was that I wanted to get prayer for this and that I believed that God was going to heal me and I would not need the surgery at all. They went ahead and scheduled me for another scope the following week, just a few days after Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve I placed a long distance call to a minister friend of mine and asked him to pray for me, he said no problem but he would need to call me back in a few minutes. While waiting for him to call back I surrounded myself with God’s word and actually knelt on the Bible to show God that I believed His word and was claiming His promise of healing. When my friend called me back I knelt on the bible said, “Pray”. When he prayed for me the fire of God hit me and went through me, I had such a peace come over me. I went over to my bed and fell asleep (now Adam was put into a deep sleep in Genesis when God removed the rib to create woman) God did the same for me as I lay there sleeping He performed surgery on me to heal my body. I slept for seventeen hours and when I woke the bleeding had stopped and so had the pain, I knew without a doubt that I was healed by the precious hand of the Great Physician. I was on about $400.00 worth of medicine a month and I went into the kitchen and threw it all in the trash. I did go back for the scope when I was scheduled and the doctors were amazed there were no ulcers anywhere and I just praised God for His healing power.
    I am now an ordained minister and I love and serve God with all that I have. I know God has called me into the ministry to help others overcome and learn and grow in Him. I am also now a southern gospel singer\songwriter. The Lord has blessed me and I will continue on this road He has placed me on for my desire is only to serve Him. I will travel anywhere I am invited to give my testimony or to sing or both. God is wonderful and it is to His glory that I am writing this, if one soul is reached in anyway then this is worth everything.
    As far as my family and children I thought I would just share this information on my children as our family continues to grow. And this is how my relationship is now with my children and grandchildren.
    My oldest daughter, Chrystina’h is married to Adam; they have three beautiful children, one boy Attisyn is 8, Charysma’h is 4 and Kaelyn is 2. They live in Ontario, Canada and I am now living in Canada very close to them and I am enjoying it very much.
    My son is my middle child, Jackson he is divorced and living in Mississippi he has four children Benjamin 7, Raygen who is 5, Larissa is 3, and Rayne who is 2.
    My youngest child, Karina’h is married to Josh, she two daughters Alissa 8, Jasmine 8, Alexis 7, they have a son Brayson who was born in May 2007 and we are very excited that they have a new addition Jayden born May 2009. They also live in Mississippi.
    Again I cannot stress enough that this is for the glory of God that I am here and that my life is what it is today, for without Christ I am nothing, but through Him I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ. He is our Deliverer, Savior, Helper, and Healer and any problem we may have is never too great or to small for Him, we just have to take it to Him and leave it at His feet and in His care. I thank God with all my heart because I know without a doubt that His power is still healing, still saving and still delivering. He is good all the time. I have made my mistakes but His grace is sufficient. God loves us and if we truly repent and confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    If I can help anyone out there, please contact me with the information provided below and I will do my best to help in anyway I can. If you have questions about loved ones who may be on drugs or other addictions I will try to answer your questions, if I do not know the answer I will do my best to find the answer for you. If you have loved ones that you need prayer for I will gladly join you in agreeing for that person for the Kingdom, just email me with the information so I can be in prayer daily for you and/or your family members and/or friends. Please always remember we are human and we will make mistakes but just confess to God those mistakes and get them under the blood of Jesus as soon as possible, God still loves us and He will help us in all of our situations. He will always come down to our level and help us to reach up to His level no matter what you call out His name for; He is there and WILL HELP YOU!
    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
    and he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
    If any of you wish to contact me, please feel free to do with the following information:
    Shelia Holcomb

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